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Security Film for Glass Doors

Installing large glass doors is a highly effective way to create a feeling of space in the home and generously-proportioned sliding panels can blur the distinction between indoors and outdoors, which is great for those long, hot summer days to which we all look forward every year. However, they also pose a significant security risk that needs to be addressed to ensure that intruders do not categorize your home as an easy target. At Window Armour, we take your home security as seriously as you do, which is why we only use the highest quality of security film for glass doors that is available anywhere in the world today. Based in central Toronto, we supply and install products for clients in all parts of the city and the surrounding area. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to secure your property, please call us on 416-629-7755. In the meantime, let us tell you just why our products are the very best.

Why Our Security Film for Glass Doors is the Best

The door films that we supply and install were developed to deal with a wide range of threats that could shatter unprotected glass.

  • Accidental Damage – Once the film is applied to your doors, they will easily withstand the impact of being struck by a ball, or a small child colliding with them. Many homeowners who are not particularly worried about the threat of intruders still insist on our high quality security film for glass doors because they know how good it is at preventing injuries to their loved ones.
  • Vandalism & Burglary – If you are looking for a product that will ensure your glass doors are able to withstand the impact from objects such as bricks and stones, thrown with full force, our 12 MIL security film is the perfect solution.
  • Natural Disasters – The thickness of our security film for glass doors means that it is effective even when faced with the most extreme conditions, such as hurricane force winds, tornadoes and earthquakes. Whilst severe tornadoes and earthquakes are not a common occurrence in Toronto by any means, it is nice to know that whatever nature and the elements may decide to throw at your doors, they will be able to withstand the onslaught.
  • Industrial Accidents – Suburban homeowners may never need to worry about the possibility of being injured by flying glass owing to an explosion at an oil refinery but the fact that our security film for glass doors is strong enough to withstand the impact from such an event makes it the best choice for people who want to be 100% sure that their home is secure.

Protecting Your Home from the Sun

In addition to the protection detailed above, our clear film will stop 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your home through your glass doors. Whilst these rays may not pose a threat to you or your family, they can cause severe fading to hardwood floors and furniture. By installing our security film, you can minimise the ageing effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays in your home.

A Highly Effective Deterrent

More than 50% of burglaries involve a forced entry through the breaking of glass panels in doors or windows. By installing our security film for glass doors, you will be reinforcing some of the most vulnerable points in your home. If you have any questions you want to ask about our products, or you would like to request a quotation, you can call us on the number mentioned above during business hours, or email us whenever you wish.



What Our Clients Say

Window Armour came to our home and fitted all our windows in no time. Now I can sleep well at night knowing my family is safe.

Paul Damian Father of 3


I feel so much better knowing my family is safer with Window Armour installed in our home – Plus it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays

Jane Boyd New mom to twin boys


Replacing security bars for Window Armour Security film was an easy decision at our head office and all of our locations. Our entrances look so much more welcoming for our customers without losing the security factor. The Window Armour team were very professional, clean and quick with the installation. Thank you for a great job, we highly recommend Window Armour.

Jay Singer President & CEO of Discount Car and Truck Rentals


Window Armour has been a pleasure to work with. They did all the things they said they were going to do. They were punctual, efficient and the quality of their work was excellent. Gary and his team delivered on the promise of a quality product with great service. We will be using their services again in the future.

Jaimie Delson Urban Innovations, Custom Homes


Security is a big concern for the clients I build homes for. Reinforcing windows with Window Armour security film adds that extra layer of security alongside cameras and alarms systems. The installation process is very clean and quick with competitive pricing for a high quality product. Gary and his staff really do a tremendous job. I highly recommend Window Armour.

Rado General Contracting Toronto Construction Developer


Our neighbor’s house got broken into. While I always thought I had sufficient security, the police officer investigating the robbery told me our windows were vulnerable. I immediately called Window Armour and they were there within days. They reinforced all our windows. The service was extremely professional and quick. There is no question that the extra security coating would help deter a would-be robber. I sleep better knowing my family has extra protection.

Jeremy & Sandra Diamond Diamond & Diamond Law


I referred Gary to a client of mine, he was very professional and scheduled her in right away! A great product and an amazing company to deal with.

Alana Firestone Interior Decorator


We at Instore Group of Companies are extremely happy with the first class job done in securing our facility with Window Armour Security Film. We highly recommend Window Armour.

Michael Davidson President and CEO


We are very pleased with the work Gary and his team provided during the installation of Window Armour. You and your staff’s attention to detail and courteous demeanor was recognized and appreciated.

Debbie & Ed Glina Toronto Homeowners


We had no idea a product like this even existed that can help protect us from break-ins. Thank you very much for an excellent job done in our home. Your staff were very professional, clean and quick.

Jeff & Daliah Halberstadt North York Home Owners


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