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How Window Security Film Affects Your View

Posted in Blog, on April 14, 2019

How Window Film Affects Your View and securityWhen you think of window security, you might be reminded of urban security bars. Sure, those are a great way of keeping people out of your house in the middle of the night, but they’re not the best option anymore. While security bars have their merits, they completely ruin the view from your window. Who wants to look outside and see bars? It would make your home feel like a prison. Not only are window bars unattractive, they can also be dangerous. After all, in the case of an emergency, such as a house fire, how will you or your children get out? Well then, if window bars aren’t a good option, what is?

Window Security Film

Security film can do everything security bars can do and more! Window film is a film that coats the glass of your windows. This thin film, while not looking like much, heavily reinforces the strength of your glass. The strength of your glass is so well improved, as a matter of fact, that it’s not likely to be broken through. Even if a burglar takes a crowbar to your window, with the addition of security film, they’ll have a hard time breaking it. In the event that the glass does get shattered, the film will hold it together, ensuring no one gets inside.

Improve Your Safety

What’s more, now that you have this great view, you’re also safer. In the event of a house fire, you can simply unlock your window and exit without any obstruction. Security film isn’t just useful for keeping out burglars. It has even more security features than window bars do. Because of the reinforcement to the window itself, and not just its obstruction, it keeps it from breaking other ways as well. Projectiles, like baseballs, rocks, or even bricks, will no longer have a chance of breaking through. So whether by accident or on purpose, you won’t need to worry about neighborhood kids or vandals. The extra strength lent by security film isn’t just effective against humans. Debris in a storm will be much less likely to cause damage on impact and extreme weather will no longer pose threat.

Improve Your View

By getting rid of security bars and putting up security film instead, you’re completely opening up your window view. Window film is completely transparent. It will look like there’s nothing on your windows at all, giving you the ability to enjoy the outdoors once more. Reclaim your privacy, your view of the neighborhood, and the safety of you and your family with window film. Contact us if you’d like to place an order or if you have any questions.



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