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How Window Film Stands Up To Hurricanes

Posted in Blog, on September 05, 2018

How Window Film Stands Up To HurricanesWhen the weather gets bad, it can leave us worrying about our home’s integrity. Windows, in particular, are one of the weakest parts of our homes. They have the ability to keep rain out, let sunlight in, and insulate us from undesirable temperatures. Windows can also become a hazard, however. When things get nasty out, debris can cause breaks and suddenly windows have become a disaster. Window film reinforces the strength of our windows, so how much can it help with hurricanes?

Protecting From Breaks

Hurricanes are known for their intense wind speeds and torrential rain. These two things together break down anything and everything they touch that isn’t made to withstand disastrous weather. This leads to debris all over the place, causing dangerous impact. Debris alone can do incredible damage to a house. This can mean damaged siding, a broken roof, and shattered windows.

Luckily, having window film on your windows adds to their strength. Multiple layers can even be added for extra strength protection from impact. Hurricane debris is much less likely to end in broken windows when window film is backing them up.

Containing Glass

Extra strength or not, windows are not invincible and enough force can lead to them breaking. Hurricane winds can give flying debris enough momentum to do some serious damage. In the case that a window does get broken, the last thing you want is for there to be a gaping hole in your wall, exposing your interior to the horrifying weather outside.

One of window film’s best traits is its ability to hold broken glass together. During the average day, this is a huge benefit as it saves you from messy cleanup and takes away the risk of stepping on glass. When there’s a disaster like a hurricane involved, avoiding a mess is the least of window film’s benefits. Not only will it keep the glass from shattering all over your floors, it will also keep you protected from the elements. A broken window isn’t ideal, but as long as it remains in one piece with window film holding it together, your house can stay dry and wind free.

An open window during a hurricane would invite in water, which could cause damage to your furniture or interior. It leaves you vulnerable to wildlife seeking refuge from the storm. You no longer have insulation from the unbearable temperatures. Worst of all, with a hole in your wall, you’re now more likely to have debris coming into the house rather than just colliding with it. That means direct danger to you or your family along with a huge mess to clean up when the storm clears.

You can be protected from all of those situations if your windows are strong enough to hold up during a disaster. Window film can assist with that.



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