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How Window Film Protects Against UV Rays

Posted in Blog, on April 29, 2018

How Window Film Protects Against UV Rays

Most people only think to put sunscreen on during long days spent outdoors. But ultraviolet radiation is extremely powerful and can affect you as you sit near a window. It can contribute to dangerous sun exposure that can risk your health. However, one way to combat this exposure while still enjoying the natural light in your home is to install window film on all window surfaces in your house. Window film has UV-ray blocking properties that can keep you safe from prolonged time in the sun. These films are often overlooked when it comes to the great health benefits they can provide to everyone.

UV rays are known for the dangerous fact that they can cause skin cancer and damage to your complexion. But the refractory nature of this light means it can reflect off of surfaces and even penetrate glass. This means that you might not even be safe from the sun while sitting in your own home or car when it comes to avoiding UV damage.

Window film and tinting have long been a trend when it comes to protecting drivers while in automobiles. It can keep everyone in the cabin comfortable while providing important protection from the sun while on long car trips. There’s nothing worse than getting a “driver’s tan” where only one arm appears to have been exposed to the sun. This type of tinting protects drivers and passengers from both UVA and UVB rays, both of which can be extremely harmful.

People are now thinking of ways they can harness that same protection and use it within their homes and businesses.  These customizable sheets of window film come in different sizes and tints, but still allows an enjoyable amount of light to stream through the windows. Whether the customer wants something darker and more protective or something lighter and brighter, window film is fully adjustable. Almost 100% of harmful UV rays can be stopped before they enter your home. Meaning you don’t have to worry as you sit and relax by the window. Most people think this just saves you from ugly and painful sunburn, but it also limits the less visible damage that the sun can cause such as wrinkling and uneven skin patches.

For the health of your family or the people you care about, window film is a quick and simple fix to a large problem that can have devastating health effects. Window film outsmarts the sun and keeps you safe at all times while you are inside.



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