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How Window Film Protects Your Home and Wallet in Winter

Posted in Blog, on January 19, 2019

How Window Film Protects Your Home and Wallet in WinterAs a homeowner, you surely know how seasons can affect your home in negative ways. There’s a number of ways winter can affect a person’s house. Not all of them can be solved with Window Armour, but we’re here to tell you the ones that can!

Protecting You From the Environment

Winter is notorious for bringing about some nasty storms and disasters. From floods to blizzards, the environment has its own agenda and it doesn’t take your home into consideration. So if we want to keep our homes in one piece, we have to take matters into our own hands! That’s where window film comes into play. Window film strengthens glass and protects it, not only from burglars but from the environment as well. Strong storm winds can carry debris with it and break windows. Window film will give your window the extra strength it needs to withstand that debris. If your window does get a crack in it from some kind of impact, window film will keep it together. Not only does that make it safer for replacing a broken window, it also means you can wait to have the window replaced until the weather is a little better. Any cracks in your window won’t leak air like they normally might as long as window film is covering them.

Saving You Money

Window film doesn’t just protect you from the hassle of a broken window, it also saves you money. There’s the most obvious way - your window is less likely to need replacing - and there’s a less obvious way. During winter, most of us have our heat running pretty continuously throughout the day. The price of our electricity goes up with the temperature of our living room. What does window film have to do with this? Easy! Our windows are one of the number one contributors to our heating and AC being inefficient. This is because windows are a prime spot for heat to leak in or out. In the winter, this means heat leaking out. While our heaters run tirelessly to keep us warm, our windows are taking the product of their hard work and releasing it into the cold outdoors. With heat leaking out, our heaters have to work longer to replace what’s missing. Window film is a fantastic insulator! Windows protected by Window Armour leak less warm air which means your heaters have less warm air to replace and you have less money to pay to the electric company!

Planning Ahead

While winter won’t be around much longer this year, next year will come around just as reliably. It won’t be alone either. With it will come storms and a temperature drop, just like always. Plan ahead this year and get window film. Next winter, you’ll be able to rest at ease, knowing your home is protected from the elements. As a matter of fact, check out some of the reasons you should get window film installed before summer! Each season brings its own threats to your windows and Window Armour is eager to help.



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