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How Does Window Film Protect Your Home from UV?

Posted in Blog, on February 19, 2019

How Does Window Film Protect Your Home from UV_If you’ve heard anything about UV, it’s probably that it’s harmful. That’s the truth! UV rays are a type of radiation. They’re what lead to skin cancer in those who are overexposed to the sun. Over time, the harmful UV rays damage the skin cells and those damaged cells can lead to cancer. As a matter of fact, getting sunburned just two times a year can triple your chance of getting melanoma skin cancer. That’s why it’s so important to wear sunblock and stay in the shade when you’re outdoors in summer. What does this have to do with window film? The fact is, UV gets into your home all the time through your windows. That means if you live somewhere that gets hot and sunny during any time of the year, you’re going to be dealing with UV when the blinds are up. And who wants to live with the curtains drawn during the whole summer? Most don’t, and that’s why we’re excited to tell you about how we can help.

Privacy Film

Privacy film is one of our variants of security film. This particular film is especially made for giving occupants privacy. It’s tinted and reflective to the outside. Turning your window into a one-way mirror means no prying eyes into your home. Fortunately, that’s not where its benefits end. The reflective outer surface of the film blocks 99% of UV rays! That means you can pull your curtains wide open and let in as much sunshine as you like. You, your kids, your pets, and even your plants will be protected from UV damage almost entirely.

Security Benefits

Privacy film doesn’t just protect you from curious neighbors and sun damage. Because it’s a variant of security film, it also reinforces your windows! Windows coated in security film are much stronger than they would be normally. Even if a burglar tried to break in through the window, they would find it much harder than anticipated. The extra time it would take to make even a small hole in your window is a very effective deterrent. No burglar is going to stick around long enough to get caught just to win a fight with your window. The privacy factor this film offers is fantastic for when you forget to close the curtain at dusk. No one will be able to look right into your home while you watch TV in the living room. The thing is, privacy isn’t just valuable for our dignity. Privacy ensures the whole neighborhood can’t see your belongings on display. If you have anything expensive within viewing distance of a window, which is very likely, burglars will be able to spot them from outside. Privacy film makes it impossible to take inventory of your home. That can really save you in the long run. Ideally, no one in your neighborhood would get robbed, but with privacy film on your windows, the chances of it being you are definitely lower.



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