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How Window Film Improves Your Property Appearance

Posted in Blog, on December 20, 2018

How Window Film Improves Your Property AppearanceWindow film comes with a whole host of benefits. It improves security and prevents break-ins as well as protecting building occupants from glass in case of a break. One of window film’s most undersold benefits, however, is how it can improve the appearance of your property. How does it do that? Let’s take a look!

Removes The Need For Bars

One of the biggest changes you can make with the help of window film is getting rid of the security bars on your windows! Security bars are a huge eyesore. They cut down on visibility, make businesses and homes feel closed off, and ruin your building aesthetic. Security bars have a penchant for making an area look dangerous or crime-ridden. When people see security bars, they think of constant break-ins or associate them with prison. Why turn your business into a prison cell? Window film will offer even more protection than security bars without caging in your front room. Window film will let in all the sunshine you love while protecting you and your guests from harmful UV rays. It also helps keep out unwanted heat from the sun. That means your electricity costs will also be more stable as well as the temperature inside.

Looks Sleek

Window film doesn’t just protect your glass, it protects your privacy too! Window Armour offers a type of window film that we call ‘privacy film’. Privacy film looks fantastic from the outside. The outside is reflective so that people can’t see inside your home. For homes with big windows especially, this can give your home a very sleek look. The reflective appearance of your windows is only the cherry on top. Having privacy in your home whether or not your curtains are open or your light is on is a huge weight off your shoulders. People often forget how easy it is to see inside a bright building when it’s dark outside. Do you really want your neighbors to be able to see you when you’re lounging around in the evening? Privacy film will keep the contents of your room a mystery to the outside world while still allowing full visibility of the outside from the comfort of your home.

Deters Break-Ins

The Window Amour logo is a great deterrent for would-be thieves. Windows are almost always a weak spot in a home’s security and can be broken easily. That is, if they don’t have window film protecting them. Window film makes breaking in nigh impossible. Even with a crowbar or other heavy object, breaking through window film takes too long. A burglar won’t risk getting caught by sticking around after it’s clear the window won’t be an easy entry. How does this improve your property appearance? Easy - a Window Armour sticker in the corner of your window is like a shiny suit of armour to anyone who could threaten your property. What looks better than a visual representation of your own security? Not to mention, everyone’s property looks nicer when it’s in one piece!



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