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What Window Film Can't Do

Posted in Blog, on September 21, 2017

What Window Film Can't DoAt Window Armour, we recommend every home and business install security and safety window film.  It significantly and simply protects you from both intentional damage, such as break-ins, and accidental damage, such as that caused by severe weather.  It's the best investment you can make for your home's security. That being said, window film isn't a cure-all.  Window film is great for a wide variety of uses, but some problems are beyond its ability to control.  If you're looking to solve these specific issues, you should look into alternative ways to fix your problems:

Cracked Glass

Security window film can hold glass together on impact, preventing shards from flying everywhere and providing both an entry point for burglars and safety hazards for the people inside.  That's a huge benefit of film – but it doesn’t actually repair the cracks themselves.  If you have windows that are already cracked, placing safety window film won't actually solve the problem; the glass itself will still need to be replaced.

Structural Issues

Window film can improve a window's performance when it comes to insulation or UV protection, but it can't improve or repair a window's overall structure.  Sometimes, your window or frame deteriorates thanks to the weather, damage or simply age.  Other times, as your building ages and shifts, windows may take damage and be less secure.  These are not issues window film can solve; while they will provide a boost in performance and security, the underlying issues will continue to be a problem.

Condensation or Mold

Security window film is not an airtight seal.  Moisture can still get through if your window seals or frame is damaged or otherwise leaking or ineffective.  Placing security window film over a window which is allowing mold to enter your home won't stop the mold issues.

Drafty Windows

Again, security window film is not an airtight seal.  It's not designed to eliminate drafts or pressurization issues.  If you're shivering from drafty windows, don't count on window film to save the day.   What window film can do is keep you, your family and your possessions safe from break-ins, natural disasters and accidents.  When properly used and deployed, window film is a fantastic way to improve the security of your home.  Check out what Window Armour can do for you today!



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