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Ways Window Film Can Increase Your Home's Value

Posted in Blog, on March 18, 2018

Ways Window Film Can Increase Your Home's Value

When buying or upgrading your home, there are a lot of extra options you may be presented with that may not seem important or valuable. For instance, one rarely thinks about the safety or health features of one’s windows. Generally, when it comes to windows people only tend to worry about energy efficient ratings. But there many more benefits and protections that windows can provide once window film is installed. These benefits are varied and can raise your home’s value by adding extra security that normal windows can’t provide. Here a few ways that window armour can boost your home’s resale value:

Energy Costs

Since energy ratings are so important amongst home buyers and owners, it is worth knowing that window film can help you save money on your gas and electric bills. Window armour is built to block a good portion of the sun’s harmful rays. This means that you can get more efficiency out of your comfort appliances like your air conditioner. Because your windows are filtering out heat, that means you save money on electricity during the very hot summer months. The window film is also built to hold in some heat during the winter months, meaning a lower gas bill. By increasing the energy efficiency of your home, you can immediately reap the rewards of a higher home value estimate.

Break-in Protection

Window film is meant to make it harder for burglars and thieves to enter your home using windows. While normal windows are extremely vulnerable places on a home, window film adds an extra layer of protection to make houses safer. The film strengthens the glass so that it is harder to break or penetrate, even when a potential thief is using blunt and heavy tools. When the film comes into contact with an impact of any kind, instead of shattering inward, the window fragments in place. This still leaves a strong barrier between the intruder and entrance to your home. By adding this special safety feature, your home will be seen as more valuable to both insurers and potential buyers.

Added Privacy

Window film may provide safety and efficiency boosts, but it can also provide the luxury of comfort. Films can easily be tinted to the customer’s liking. These tints keep people from seeing into your residence at any time. However, window tinting never affects your ability to see outside your home. You can get a crystal clear picture of what is happening outdoors while onlookers will not be able to see anything happening within. Of course, there are varying degrees of tint that can be chosen at the customer’s discretion. These tints are an added feature that can set your home apart from all the others if you are looking to sell or refinance.

Even though windows are often overlooked when it comes to their functionality, window film goes the extra mile in providing comfort, protection, and savings that clients want. When looking to add a small feature that adds a lot to any property, window armour should be one of the first options that people consider.



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