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Why Window Film Is Better Than Security Bars

Posted in Blog, on February 24, 2018

Why Window Film Is Better Than Security Bars

Many business owners, as well as homeowners all over the world, have been the victims of burglars who smash their windows and snatch items.  Regular window panes usually break into shards upon the smashing hence allowing the robbers to have easy entry. Many people have come up with ways to make it harder for entry such as the installation of window films as well as security bars. Here are some of the reasons why window film is better than security bars.

Minimizes damages after breakage of the window

The film holds the glass in place once smashed hence no shards of glass splatter into the home or business. There is no risk of injury to the family or other people in the premises. The cleanup after a window breaks is also easier as the mess is not as much as when there is no film.

Window films are not visible during the day

Unlike security bars, window films are not visible during the day hence do not affect the overall appearance of the property. Although window films are meant for security purposes, there are some decorated window films in the market today which add a stylistic feature to the home and also improve the aesthetic value of a place.

Blocking UV rays

In some cases, UV rays affect people even in their homes. However, a house with window films can block up to 90% of the harmful rays hence reducing the damage caused. Security bars, on the other hand, block the view to the outside or inside of the property and do not protect from UV rays.

No need to lock up daily

Where security bars are in place, one needs to lock up every day. However, with window film, one doesn’t need to lock up. The film is installed on the windows hence is already fixed. Using window films as a security deterrent has many benefits compared to security bars. Not only does it strengthen the window panes making it extra hard for burglars to infiltrate your home as well as in cases of extreme weather such as storms, but also provides privacy in your home.  



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