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Window Film Applications for Drugstores

Posted in Blog, on August 31, 2019

Window film was originally made to reinforce windows as a kind of home or business security. The cool thing about window film, however, is that it’s incredibly versatile. Its uses for reinforcing glass panes aren’t limited to only windows. Let’s check out some cool uses for window film in drugstores and corner stores.

Classic Security

The first and most obvious use for window film in drugstores is as building security. Covering store windows in Window Armour makes break-ins much less likely. The coating enhances the strength of the glass and makes getting through nearly impossible. Even if the glass is broken, window film holds it together to keep entry out of the question. Window film holding windows in one piece once broken is more than just a security measure. Keeping glass from shattering all over the floor keeps employees and customers safe. Plus, replacing a window covered in window film is easier than the alternative. An uncoated window will have jagged glass protruding from it and has the potential to make more glass mess during removal.

Glass Case Protection

A large number of drugstores have glass cases containing over-the-counter medicine and cigarettes. The problem with these is that both type of contents are valuable and targets of theft. That’s precisely why they’re kept in a locked, glass case. It makes them harder to steal. The problem is, glass isn’t that hard to break through. Someone who’s broken in, whether through an unprotected window or an unlocked or weak door, can make a lot of money by looting one of these cases. There’s nothing stopping a thief from using the nearest blunt object to break through when there’s no one around to hear. Window film makes the perfect addition to one of these cases. By protecting the display case glass, thieves won’t be able to get to its contents before other security measures kick in. Sensors, cameras, and alarms can take a short time to be effective. After all, someone has to respond to them. In that time, an unprotected case can be emptied and the thief can flee. Cases protected by window film will not yield to a theft. They can either stick around to keep trying to get through the glass or use the time to attempt their escape. Either way, your expensive merchandise remains safe.

Hide the Interior

Another great way to avoid break-ins is by keeping would-be thieves from casing the building from outside. If your establishment has security cameras, anyone who comes inside will be recorded. Those outside may be able to see the floor plan and contents of the store from afar. That makes it harder to trace them if they return for a break-in that night in a disguise. Privacy film is just like regular security and safety window films with one main difference. Privacy film has a reflective exterior, making it impossible to see in while maintaining its clear view from the inside. It’s like a one-way mirror. Using privacy film to cover drugstore windows lowers the risk of theft. If you have any questions about ordering or applying window film, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!



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