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Have Your Window Armour Installed by Professionals

Posted in Blog, on September 30, 2019

Are you considering investing in the fantastic security boost Window Armour has to offer? That’s a great choice. However, you may still be unsure as to whether you should install it yourself or have our professionals install it for you. Window Armour is here today to outline the pros and cons of personal versus professional installation.

What is Window Armour?

If you’re new to our site, you may not know what Window Armour is. We’re so happy to explain! Window Armour is our company name and we offer a selection of window films. These products are a great innovation made to boost the security of any window they’re affixed to. Window film is a coating that is placed on any glass pane that you don’t want to break. The standard application is to coat windows, though other glass can also be protected with our films. When a window is coated in window film, it is strengthened, making it more resistant to impact. Window film also keeps broken windows from hurting those nearby. By holding glass shards in place, this coating makes safety and window replacement a breeze.

How is It Installed?

The steps to window film installation are fairly simple and straightforward.
  • The dimensions of the windows you’re ordering film for will be sent to our facilities. This is where your window film will be custom cut.
  • Once the film is cut, it will go to the location where it’s to be installed.
  • From there, the first window to have window film installed on it will be cleaned of any dirt or particles.
  • Next, the window film is applied, ensuring the film is aligned, flat, and free of air pockets.
  • The window should take 24 hours to dry from the time of installation. Some types of window film may take longer to dry. This depends on the film type and whether it’s on an exterior window with access to sunlight or not.
While the steps are straightforward, the fact is, installation of window film can be tricky. Should it be done wrong or should the window film get placed in a slightly incorrect spot, it can ruin the whole process.

Professional Installation

Instead of risking your entire installation by doing it yourself, it’s best to have some of the Window Armour team do it. Our team has done countless installations and are the best qualified for the job. While it may seem simply to apply the coating to your windows, there are actually many ways to mess up the installation. Even small air pockets will leave foggy patches in the film. Worse yet, if you don’t line it up just right, you may have to try removing it entirely. Removing window film is incredibly difficult and may not even be worth the effort. Some people may prefer replacing the entire window pane entirely. Our professionals have the experience necessary to ensure window film is placed as well as it possibly can be. Letting them do the legwork virtually guarantees your time and money won’t be wasted. If you’d like to inquire about ordering Window Armour, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.



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