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Window Armour Defends Against Falling Trees

Posted in Blog, on May 03, 2017

Still doubting the benefits of Window Armour security film? Perhaps these pictures will change your mind. Trees are a wonderful addition to any yard, but they come with their own hazards – if they fall, they can do massive amounts of damage to you and your home. Take this case for example – a friend of ours recently had a tree collapse on their property, smashing right into their house. In most cases, with unprotected windows, the tree would have smashed right through, sending shards of glass everywhere and requiring expensive and time-consuming replacement.  Fortunately, our friend was protected with Window Armour's window security film. Just look at the results! No glass broken, no damage in sight. The strength of Window Armour came through in the end, protecting the windows and leaving them unharmed. Window Armour's window security film keeps your home safe, no matter what you might face. Protect your windows and add window film today!



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