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Watch Window Armour in Action!

Posted in Blog, on July 13, 2017

It's one thing to talk about the effectiveness of Window Armour.  It's another to see it in action! Lytton Park is one of the nicer areas of Toronto – you wouldn't expect it to be the hotbed of crime or anything.  However, potential home invaders can strike anywhere, at any time – and it's important to be protected. A pair of opportunistic smash-and-grab burglars attempted to break into this single-story home while the owners were out of town.  They thought the back patio door and window would be easy targets.  

They thought wrong. As you can see in this video, they attempted to break in for a solid minute, but Window Armour's security and safety window film kept the windows intact and ended up foiling the robbery.  That's the power of window film – the burglars were forced to give up and leave without gaining access to the inside of the home. A picture's worth a thousand words.  A video's worth a thousand pictures. Window Armour can prevent a thousand headaches. If you haven't yet, install Window Armour at your home or business today!



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