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Using Safety Film Indoors

Posted in Blog, on October 16, 2018

Using-Safety-Film-IndoorsSafety film’s uses are incredibly varied. In a previous article, we covered how safety film can be used outdoors, but what can it do indoors? There are a number of things safety film can be used for to improve safety inside the home. Here are a few of them.  

Keeping mirrors together

Mirrors in the average home aren’t at much risk of breaking, but in places where injury is more of a liability, mirrors breaking could be a problem. Hotels or public bathrooms can benefit from protecting guests from the broken shards of a mirror. The same goes for any large building with extensive mirrors as a design choice. It’s not uncommon to see beautiful interiors with a wall of mirrors that makes the room feel bigger. In the event of an earthquake or even something large making impact, those could become a huge hazard. Safety film would hold together all the pieces for a much safer experience. The mirrors can then be removed or replaced without the dangerous mess scattered glass would cause.  

Strengthening glass showers

Showers with glass walls or doors are a great, modern fixture in both house and hotel. However, it’s easy for the doors to break if they’re not treated carefully. Coating the doors of glass showers with safety film will save you the struggle of cleaning up shattered glass. Bathrooms are an especially dangerous place to have glass all over the floor. The combination of glass and water could quickly lead to injury. Keeping that kind of disaster from happening in the home is one thing, but in a commercial building like a hotel, security film could save you from a lawsuit. The added protection keeps guests safe and your business will be looked on favorably by insurance for the added level of safety.  

Protecting glass tables

Glass tables can be great additions to any home, both indoors and outdoors. Glass coffee tables are a wonderful centerpiece to a living room as they give it a more open feel and seem to take up less space than their solid alternatives. However, glass tables can quickly turn into a nightmare if something is dropped on them and they shatter. Glass all over the living room floor isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Safety film doesn’t just keep broken glass together to avoid a mess, it also strengthens the glass it’s coating. Multiple layers of safety film will enhance the strength of the coated surface even further. What’s better than contained glass? Not breaking it in the first place! Safety film is an asset anyone can benefit from. What things would you use it for in your own home?



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