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Use Security Film for Added Strength on Display Cases

Posted in Blog, on June 23, 2019

Use Security Film for Added Strength on Display CasesWhether you own a small business with expensive goods or you’re managing a chain store that sells jewelry, you should consider using security film on your display cases. Security film will strengthen glass without obstructing the view of its contents. This film is specially designed to make glass difficult to penetrate, meaning robbery by force is less likely. Let’s see what security film has to offer you and your business.

Lowers Risk of Theft

Because security film strengthens glass, it takes a long time to penetrate with impact. A robber looking to shatter the glass with a heavy object will be in for a surprise. By the time they retrieve any of the display case’s contents, the police may already be on their way. Pairing security film with other means of security can guarantee robbers face justice. It also means you’ll have an easier time making a claim with your insurance provider.

Lowers Insurance Rates

Using security film on windows can lower your insurance rate. Insurance providers love knowing that there’s less chance they’ll have to pay out for property damage. Even if you decide not to use security film on your windows, you should check with your provider about display cases. There’s a chance that the extra layer of security surrounding your valuables will get you a lower rate.

Blocks Sun Damage

If you keep a display of old or collectible items, you get another benefit from our window films. Paper and fabric valuables are liable to get sun damage if near a window. That’s because UV rays leech the color from things. If you use our privacy film on your outer windows, you get the security benefits as well as sun protection. This type of film isn’t good for use on display cases as the outside is reflective. Using it on outer windows, however, gives your shop more privacy, blocks out 79% of sun heat, and blocks 99% of UV rays. That means your display items are safe from sun damage and you get the added bonus of paying less for air conditioning on hot days.


Because our safety and security films hold glass together so well, they're great for keeping people safe. While they minimize risk of a display case breaking - accidentally and intentionally - they also protect you in case one does. By holding the glass shards together, cleanup is safer, faster, and easier. Shop personnel and customers alike will be kept out of harm's way with window film at work. If you'd like to order window film or you have questions, contact us! Our staff here at Window Armour would be happy to help you find what you need for your store.



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