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Use Safety Film to Make Glass Dividers Safer

Posted in Blog, on May 20, 2019

Use Safety Film to Make Glass Dividers SaferA great way to make a room feel bigger is by making dividers out of glass. This is especially true in commercial or professional settings. Office spaces often use glass for entire walls, be it fogged or frosted. The only drawback to these glass dividers is that they can become a hazard if broken. Someone falling against them, machinery or other fixtures toppling into them, or an earthquake could all cause glass dividers to shatter. So how do we make these wonderful features safer? Safety film will do the trick.

Keep People Safe

Safety film is a clear sheet that coats glass panes. This coating does a number of things, strengthening the glass, first and foremost. The strength lent to your glass dividers by safety film will make them much less likely to break. Keeping glass dividers in one piece means keeping people safe. Whether it's employees or customers, protecting them from an accident is worth the investment.

Make Cleanup Easy

In the case the impact is enough to overcome the film's protective strength, it holds things together. The coating, adhering to all surfaces of the glass pane, will keep shattered glass from making a mess. This provides an extra layer of safety, ensuring the best conditions for cleanup. Broken glass can be safely removed and replaced without needing to sweep up. It also helps you avoid missing small pieces of glass that could later hurt someone unsuspecting.

Add Privacy

For glass dividers or walls, especially in office spaces, privacy film is invaluable. Window film can create a one-way mirror effect so that offices and divided work spaces are hidden. This allows those inside an office to view out while keeping their private space private. This feature is also great for windows. It allows employees to take full advantage of the sun while keeping curious eyes out of their space. Not to mention, window film blocks UV rays almost entirely. This protects colored furniture from sun damage.

Save You Money

Taking advantage of safety film can help save you money in the long run. Lowering the likelihood of dividers breaking means lower likelihood of having to replace glass panes. Additionally, ensuring people's safety means you won't find yourself liable for injury. That's a relief for both your conscience and your wallet. If you expand your usage to your building's windows as well, you can even save money on insurance. Insurance companies like to hear that their clients are using window film. It means there's less chance of a successful break-in and less chance that they'll have to pay out for injury. We're sure you'll be just as relieved at extra security as them.



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