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Use Privacy Film on High Rise Windows

Posted in Blog, on May 20, 2019

Windows can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they let in the beautiful, morning sunlight. They allow you to see incredible views from the top of a high rise office building. But on the other hand, they can cook a room like a magnifying glass and make your apartment feel like a fishbowl. Unfortunately, keeping your curtains drawn and your blinds down all day can be stifling. So, how do we get the best of both worlds? The answer is privacy window film.

What is Privacy Film?

Window film is a transparent coating that can be added to windows and other glass panes. This coating was originally made for safety and security as it makes glass stronger and hard to break through. However, you can now order privacy film as well. It's the same thing with the added benefit of functioning like a one-way mirror. Windows coated in privacy film will let in sunlight, filter out the UV rays, and reflect like a mirror on the outside. This combination of features gives you all of the benefits of both covered and uncovered windows without the drawbacks.


As you can see, privacy film is great for gaining back your privacy specifically. You can leave your lights on and your curtains drawn all night if you'd like. In high rise buildings like apartments, this wouldn't be advised with uncoated windows. Having your lights on when it's dark outside makes it incredibly easy for people to see in. But, because of the mirroring effect, coated windows won't betray your trust. You can go about doing whatever you like without strangers catching an eyeful.

Saving Money

Because window film diffuses light, it actually keeps the sun from pouring heat in through your windows. Whether you're renting or managing a high rise apartment or running a commercial office, you don't want your building overheating. Sunlight heating up a building when it's already warm enough means your AC is running. Your AC having to run overtime to keep the building cool is a lot of money! That's how window film helps you save money just by being installed. By keeping the hot air outside, it saves you the money you'd normally spend on electricity for the AC.

Safety and Security

While high rise windows are made to withstand a lot, that doesn't mean there aren't other ways to implement safety film. Safety film can be added to any glass panes to strengthen them and make them more resistant to damage. That means you can apply it to glass dividers in offices, aquariums, and a number of other things. If your high rise has glass doors on the bottom floor, security film is great for reinforcement. It keeps intruders from successfully breaking in and ensures the likelihood of damage is minimal. No matter how you choose to use Window Armour's window film, we're sure you'll be satisfied. Contact us if you have any questions about our products or would like to put in an order.



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