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Tips for Protecting Your Business from Break-Ins

Posted in Blog, on February 21, 2017

Tips for Protecting Your Business from Break-InsA break-in can be devastating to your business.  In addition to property damage, the loss of valuable merchandise or important information can significantly set you back, if not cripple you.  A wise business owner is always looking for potential weak points in their security, and looking for ways to shore it up.  Here at Window Armour, we have some suggestions that we think will help make your business that much safer.

Install Security Window Film

Our first suggestion, of course, is our security window films.  Stronger than plain windows and more aesthetically appealing than iron bars, security window film is a cost-effective and versatile way for you to improve the security of your building.  Our window films are specifically designed to add strength to your glass – any potential intruder would find it significantly more difficult to break into your storefront after the window film is installed.  Tinted and otherwise opaque window film can also make it harder for burglars to see what’s inside your building, further protecting you.

Improve Your Locks

Doors – either front or back – are obvious potential points of entry, and should be secured by the highest-quality locks you can afford.  A double-cylinder deadbolt lock is a great option; they require a key to lock and unlock from both the interior and exterior of the property, for added protection.  On a similar note, be careful how many people have keys to your property; controlling your access is the first step in preventing potential losses.  Even if you only give keys to trustworthy people, they can still be lost or stolen -- limit key distribution to people who absolutely have to have access.

Add an Alarm System

You have multiple options when it comes to alarm systems.  A loud, audible alarm is often the best for frightening away an intruder before they can do any damage.  A silent alarm ideally allows for authorities to arrive before the intruder has left the scene.  Both have their plusses and minuses, but make sure you get an alarm that sends notifications to a security firm or the police; local alarms are only really effective if you have local security on site.



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