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How A Small Business Can Profit From Window Film

Posted in Blog, on November 16, 2018

How A Small Business Can Profit From Window FilmOwning a small business is quite a venture. There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration and a lot of expenses to juggle. Where does security fit into your priorities? It’s better to keep it near the top, because security is incredibly important! Yes, even for small businesses. Especially for small businesses. Small businesses are targets for theft. It’s a popular assumption that chain stores take most of the hits, but small businesses are a magnet for crime. Why? Let’s see some of the reasons and how window film can help.

Window Film Reinforces Window Strength

Windows are expensive to replace when broken. That kind of money isn’t something any small business owner wants to have to spend. Using window film adds more strength to your glass and makes it less likely to break in the event of an accident. A fallen display, a thrown rock, or even a break-in attempt are less likely to smash through.

Increases Business Safety

If a window does break, having glass everywhere is a huge hassle to clean up, but more importantly, it’s dangerous. Customers or clients are immediately put at risk of getting injured when a window shatters. Customer injury can quickly turn into a lawsuit if not handled perfectly. Coating your windows in window film will keep shattered glass contained. In the case of a break, the glass can be safely removed by a professional and replaced without incident.

Window Film Adds Security

One reason why small businesses are a crime magnet is because owners often don’t invest in security. No security means an easier time for burglars to break in and less evidence when they do. Even if you don’t buy a camera or alarm, window film will add a lot of security to your property. Windows are one of the leading entrance points for a break-in. Doors can be used, but it’s harder to pick a lock or break a door down than it is to bust through a glass window. Using security film adds extra layers of strength to the glass and makes it harder to break through. You can even use multiple layers for even more durability. Even if a burglar manages to break a window coated in security film, the film holds the window together and keeps them from actually entering. All of these advantages for your security make a successful break-in less and less possible. Burglars are known to give up on break-in attempts if they aren’t able to get in within ten seconds. They’re afraid of being caught and the deterrence of window film should be enough to send them elsewhere.

Adds Privacy

If you own a business where you’re not looking to keep your interior on display, window film adds privacy. One type of window film reflects on one side so that you can still see out, but those on the outside can’t see in. It effectively turns your window into a one-way mirror. It’s nice for you and your employees to get your work done in the sunlight without feeling like you’re on display.



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