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Security Window Film As a Layer of Defense

Posted in Security Window Films, on October 25, 2017

Security Window Film As a Layer of Defense Security window film provides a level of defense for your home or business – it protects you from both intentional attempts to damage your home, such as burglars or graffiti artists, as well as damage from unintentional sources like severe weather or accidents. Shatterproof window film is a thin, polyester film that enhances the security of your regular window glass. It increase the strength of your windows, prevents glass from shattering and creating a safety hazard, and can be coupled with window tinting and solar guard effects to provide multiple benefits. Essentially, that film creates a barrier between your window and the source of damage.  It's tougher than glass alone, with the strongest versions able to withstand even bomb blasts without breaking.  While not completely impenetrable, it takes significant concerted effort over a period of time to break through window film.  Most burglars or vandals are looking for quick, easy targets; security window film means that your building is protected from cases like that. With properly installed security window film, your window becomes highly resistant to cracking and shattering, making it very difficult to break.  This gives you peace of mind – even when you're away, you can rest assured that your home or business is being protected, be it from criminal activity or the forces of nature. Our films are designed to protect your windows from many different types of impact. Whether you are worried about natural forces or over exuberant children, you can rest easy once Window Armour has applied a protective layer of film to all the vulnerable windows in your home or business. Security film isn't designed to be your only source of protection, but it adds a key extra level of security to any home or business, and without the aesthetic nightmare of iron bars or chain link protection.  With security window film, you're adding a key level of defense to protect your property.



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