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Security Film on a Glass Door Protects Your Home

Posted in Blog, on July 20, 2018

Security Film on a Glass Door Protects Your Home

Do you live in a safe area? The truth is, no matter how safe we think our home is, it can only take one break-in for us to regret a moment of laxity.  It can take an experienced burglar less than a minute to break into a home. When was the last time you reviewed your defense plan?  Glass doors prove to be a burglar’s favorite point of entry. Prevent theft by using security film.

Safety First

These beautiful doors can let in a lot more than good light. Many glass doors are hidden from view and often times a determined burglar isn’t above breaking a few panes in order to gain a quick entry.  Don’t be fooled, shrubs don’t just hide your doors from view. They also hide thieves as they prepare for their entry. Always make sure your entryways can be seen to deter unauthorized access.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have poor latches.  The subtle thieving artist loves the sight of sliding doors because he knows that the only locking mechanism is a latch. While sliding glass doors can really brighten up a room, they aren’t as intrinsically secure as other less flashy doors. Sometimes there can be an easy fix. A wooden dowel is a low-cost favorite. The dowel is visible so the thief can see it. Installation takes less than a minute. Typically ¼ inch works well and can’t be forced open. But if a thief really wants to get in, breaking a glass panel is a quick and dirty way to gain entry. Smash and grab, right?

Why Privacy Film Works

Privacy film applied to your window is one way to improve the look of your door. It adds security at the same time.  One reason glass doors are tricky is because they offer a great view of the goods that are on display. Protecting your valuables from sight is one way to convince thieves to move on.  Films are a good solution for those who don’t want to deal with installing potentially costly blinds or drapes.

Security Film

Take your invisible barrier defense up one step further by applying a security film in place or in addition to the privacy film.  Should anyone try to break the glass of your door they will find that the glass yields less like glass. Create a hardened defense. Security film on a glass door protects your home. An invisible barrier made of a transparent polyester material, this film strengthens your sliding glass door. Thieves regret every trying to test the strength of your glass door. After examining all the ways your sliding glass door can cause trouble, it may be tempting to board it up or trade it out for a different door altogether—but you don’t have to resort to such drastic measures. It is possible to reinforce your security and make it a lot harder for potential intruders to get in.



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