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Save Money on Window Replacements

Posted in Blog, on March 25, 2019

Save Money on Window ReplacementsWindow replacements in the event of an accident or break-in can be costly. And really, who wants to deal with replacing windows when their shop or home has been stolen from? You’re busy with filing a report, tallying up expenses, and dealing with the insurance company. That doesn’t even cover the emotional damage this kind of violation can cause a person. Fortunately, there’s a solution to all of this: window film!

Prevent Break-Ins

What is it that window film does to save you from all of that stress? To start, it will keep people from breaking in to begin with! The added layers of strength that window film gives to your windows will make them incredibly hard to break through. Say goodbye to burglary when you have window film installed. We’ve asked convicted burglars themselves and they gave us a tip; if they can’t get through a window or glass door in ten seconds or less, they’ll almost always give up!

Protect Occupants

While break-ins put your belongings, your wallet, and your sanity at risk, let’s talk about building occupants! Whether you’re looking to reinforce home windows or those in a business, you want to keep occupants safe. Window film is exactly what you need to protect children and adults alike. Broken windows can be caused by a number of things ranging from projectiles to human error. What’s most dangerous though, is the broken glass after initial impact. Not only will flying glass shards put people at risk of injury, so will cleanup. Picking up sharp glass is dangerous, even when you’re careful. Little bits can be left behind and get stuck in shoes. In a home, they can get embedded in the bottom of your feet. No one wants a mess of glass to clean up. Window film will hold a window together even when it’s broken. Any and all glass will remain sealed together, leading to clean replacement - no cleanup necessary. The fantastic thing about window film, however, is that due to the added strength, even intentional efforts to break through won’t be effective the majority of the time. No cleanup, no exposure to the outside, and even no replacement. necessary!

Protect from the Weather

Even when human mistakes and malicious intent aren’t present, there’s the continual possibility of bad weather. Bad weather can cause window breakage easily. From strong winds carrying debris into the glass to hailstones, your windows are vulnerable. Window film will make bad weather no big deal! Even mother nature has a hard time getting through a coating of window film. Add on a second layer and double the strength! As you can see, the best method to saving money on window replacements is not replacing them at all! With the protection offered by Window Armour, you’re on your way to safety and savings in no time.



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