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Save Money as a Landlord

Posted in Blog, on April 14, 2019

Save Money as a LandlordIf you’re a landlord and make your living renting out houses or apartments, you should know that window film can save you money. What is window film? It’s a thin coating that goes over the glass of your windows. Applying window film to the windows of your rentals could save you money in a number of ways. Let’s check out how!

Improves Appearance

If you’ve had security bars on your rental properties, applying window film will improve their appearance. You can do away with the bars entirely, as security film protects the windows even better anyway. The improvement in your property appearance will also appeal to renters more. They’ll be faster to sign a lease and happier during their stay.

Prevents Damage

As a landlord, you certainly know how frustrating it is having to replace expensive windows due to a tenant’s indiscretion or a neighborhood vandal. Because window film strengthens a window exponentially, you’re less likely to have to pay for damages. Window film won’t just make a window impervious to flying baseballs, it will also stand up to intentionally thrown rocks or bricks. This makes window film especially useful in neighborhoods with kids or teens. If you’ve got families renting from you, window film could prove invaluable. Because as much as we love kids, we know they’re more likely to break things due to carelessness.

Strengthens Security

Due to the security benefits of security film, your rentals are less likely to get broken into. Windows will be hard to break with window film coating them, but even if they get broken, the film won’t allow entry. It will hold broken glass together, keeping people safer during replacement, and refusing entry to the person who broke it. Keeping tenants safe is always a plus, not only on a personal level, but also on a business level. The safer your houses are, the faster you’ll find people to fill them. After all, a house advertising with window security is a lot more appealing than one that’s not.

Lowers Insurance Rates

Security film isn’t just approved of by you and your tenants. The company providing you homeowner’s insurance will also give you a pat on the back. And by that we mean they’ll lower your insurance rates. As much as you’ll love having higher security in the rentals you own, your insurance company will love it more. The more secure your house is, the less likely they’ll be to have to dish out money in the event of vandalism or a break-in. Because they know they’re less likely to have to pay out, they’ll gift you a lower rate. They’re happy, you’re happy, and your renters are happy. There’s no downside to installing security film in your rental properties. It’s a positive update for everyone involved.



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