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SafetyZone Safety and Security Window Films by Hanita

Posted in Blog, on December 22, 2016

SafetyZone Safety and Security Window Films by Hanita With over 30 years of experience, Hanita has become a leader in the manufacturing of safety and security window films. Hanita’s SafetyZone brand is known worldwide for both its clarity and its cleanliness.  This high quality performance is due to the fact they use the highest-quality polyester, a proprietary transparent adhesive, and rigorous quality controls to ensure that their window films are the best the industry has to offer. SafetyZone is the professional safety window film installer’s brand of choice. 

No other brand hits the same sweet spot of performance, price and flexibility, all while meeting the industry’s most stringent glass safety standards.  Hanita is the top choice for security the safety of your windows. SafetyZone’s clear protection improves both home and workplace security, transforming their most vulnerable areas into secure, safe environments. 

The right SafetyZone film will minimize the threat of glass-related injuries.  That means added safety in the event of impact, collision, blast or natural disaster. SafetyZone comes in different thicknesses, and each have different uses.  Window Armour uses the 12 mil Safety film for residential and commercial use – it is one of the highest films in production. Not only will it protect your windows from errant balls smashed through them, or stop people from stumbling through doors but also a higher threat of vandalism, robbery or even terrorist attack in these circumstances. – it can save lives in the case of natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, severe systems or earthquakes.  The security you gain – as well as the rejected solar energy and ultraviolet radiation – makes SafetyZone a great investment.



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