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Safety Window Film's Benefits

Posted in Blog, on May 25, 2017

Safety Window Film's BenefitsWindows are among the most vulnerable entry points into your home, as are sliding glass doors.  They're a prime target for burglars and thieves, who can smash their way in quickly and effectively. When you have safety window film installed by the experts at Window Armour, however you can rest assured that your home is protected.  The durability and resistance of window film gives you the time needed to protect your home from potential dangers. Thieves are looking for a quick way in and out of your home.  An unprotected window can easily be shattered, with thieves in and out before anyone realizes what's happening.  Window film, however, is designed to stand up to explosion-level forces.  A man with a crowbar would have to smash against your window for minutes before gaining entry, and that's not something they're willing to do – it increases the chance of them being spotted or alarms being tripped.  It's a brilliant deterrent, and helps protect you, your home and your possessions from burglars.

With properly installed safety window film, your window becomes highly resistant to cracking and shattering, making it very difficult to break.  This gives you peace of mind – even when you're away, you can rest assured that your home is being protected, be it from criminal activity or the forces of nature. Our films are designed to protect your windows from many different types of impact. Whether you are worried about natural forces or over exuberant children, you can rest easy once Window Armour has applied a protective layer of film to all the vulnerable windows in your home. Sleep well at night, knowing you and your family are safe.  Know that your home or business has become more secure without unsightly iron bars ruining curb appeal.  Enjoy the best window film the industry has to offer, and have a safer home today.



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