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Safety Window Film Protects Your Investments

Posted in Blog, on October 25, 2017

You put a lot of money into your home.  It's the most major purchase most of us will ever make, and you want to make sure it's protected for years to come. You put a lot of money into your business.  It's your livelihood, and keeping it in good shape and protected from even the worst disasters is key to keeping you in the black. No matter what you're protecting, safety window film can help.  Here's how window film can help keep your investments safe and secure for years to come.

Burglar Protection

Most burglars are looking for easy smash-and-grab targets when they're out looking for something to steal.  They want to break a window or open a door, get something valuable, and leave before anyone can react.  Security window film prevents them from easily gaining access to your property through the windows, deterring them and leaving them walking away empty-handed.

Weather Protection

Violent windstorms and thunderstorms can damage or break windows if the conditions are just right.  It's not unheard of for winds to push 100 Km/h, which may not be likely to break windows themselves, but certainly could blow objects directly at your windows – or knock down trees, sending branches plummeting towards your property.  Window protection film gives you another layer of defense against wind, hail and anything else the outdoors can throw at you.

Energy Conservation

While Window Armour specializes in safety and security window films, some window film provides significant energy conservation benefits, as well.  Windows that lack protective film coatings can help keep outside air out and inside air in, making your heating and cooling that much more efficient.   Solar Gard from Saint-Gobain protects your home or business from powerful UV rays, as well.  That means your energy usage is down, your interiors won't fade as quickly and your home or business will remain comfortable for years to come.



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