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Safety & Security Window Films: Does Your Home Need Them?

Posted in Safety & Security Films, on October 11, 2016

Safety and security is a hot topic for homeowners today with many techniques and ideas floated about regarding the best way to secure the home in an increasingly dangerous world. One product that is gaining a large and loyal following is safety and security window films. But while some swear by them others are not entirely convinced that safety films are all they’re cracked up to be. So in this post we’re going to take a quick look at the question of whether or not you actually need safety window films in your home. The Case for Safety and Security Window Films Most every homeowner today has at least a passing familiarity with safety window films but not all are convinced they actually need to install them on their home. We believe that the case for security window films is pretty open and shut with the benefits of having them many and obvious. Those benefits include:  

  • Protection from intrusions: The main reason for installing safety and security window films is to secure the home, it’s inhabitants and contents from intrusions. Windows and glass doors have always represented the weak link in the home security chain and for decades your choices were to either accept the risks or install bars over the windows. Today, you finally have a sensible and proven alternative in safety window films.
  • Protection from nature: During high wind events all manner of objects both natural and manmade can become dangerous projectiles. The danger lies not only with the projectile itself crashing through the window, but with the shower of sharp, broken glass fragments that go flying through the house as a result. Safety window films will prevent this type of unexpected and hazardous event.
  • Protection from accidents: Weather events are not the only things that present a danger to your windows. Baseballs, golf balls, frisbees, ladders being used by people doing maintenance on the house and more could all create a broken window and the attendant shower of broken glass particles. Safety window films will help prevent any of these potential accidents from becoming more than a simple nuisance.
  • In addition: While it may not be considered a commonplace threat explosive events still present a danger to homeowners especially in high population areas. Propane explosions, fireworks and industrial accidents can all send dangerous projectiles into the air and through your windows; unless you have safety and security films from Window Armour installed.

So in answer to the question “Does your home need safety window films?” the answer is: only if you want to secure it from break-ins, accidents and other catastrophes. Call Window Armour today to learn more about revolutionary safety and security window films and how they can make your home a safer more comfortable place. We’ve helped scores of homes across the Greater Toronto Area become more secure and, in the process, more valuable through the installation of safety window films and we can do the same for your home at a price you can afford.



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