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Reinforce Glass Doors with Security Film

Posted in Blog, on March 25, 2019

Reinforce Glass Doors with Window FilmIf you’re a homeowner or renter, you can benefit from security film! Security film is a clear, unobstructive film that reinforces and protects your windows and glass doors. A single coating of security film will make your home exponentially less likely to get broken into. Did you know a burglar will only take an average of ten seconds to attempt entry before giving up? Security film is so strong, it’s nearly impossible to break through by normal means. Because over 50% of break-ins happen by breaking windows or glass doors, those are serious weak spots in your security. That’s why Window Armour wants to help you protect them! A home’s security is only as strong as its weakest link - or entrance, as it were! So make all of your entrances secure ones.

Protects from Burglary

One of the biggest threats when living in a suburban or urban neighborhood is having your home broken into. Windows are already an easy point of entry once broken, but glass doors are even easier. They’re big enough that burglars don’t have to squeeze in. They’re low enough that broken glass can just be stepped over and burglars don’t risk serious injury. Because of how easy glass doors make it to break in, they’re easily a home’s weakest point. Security film for doors will strengthen your door’s glass and make it a huge challenge to break. Even if a burglar is persistent enough to break the glass, the film will hold it together. Trying to get through the film by itself is even harder than regular glass. Once a door has been broken, what’s left and keeping a burglar out is the strong, secure sheet of security film.

Protects from Accidents

Burglars are a risk, but what’s more common are simple accidents. Especially in homes with school-age children, there’s a notable risk of glass doors getting broken. All it takes is a rogue baseball or someone running into the door to crack or shatter the glass. With the extra strength given to your door from security film, these accidents are very unlikely. Even a hockey puck won’t get through the defense security film provides. Keep your children safe and keep your money in your pocket!

Protects from Vandalism

No matter how old your kids are, no matter if you have any at all, the risk of vandalism is present anywhere that people live close by each other. A brick or rock thrown at a glass door could end in disaster. The least of your concerns would be a broken door. With a heavy object like a brick hurtling through your door or window, you or your family could end up severely injured. Thankfully, security film is tough enough to withstand even a brick thrown at top speed. In the case that a projectile does manage to break the glass, security film makes the aftermath a lot less messy. Security film holding glass shards together makes window replacement easy. There’s no dangerous cleanup and there’s no injury of home occupants. It even keeps the elements from entering your home while you arrange for a replacement.



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