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Protecting Your Aquarium With Safety Film

Posted in Blog, on October 16, 2018

Protecting-Your-Aquarium-With-Safety-FilmNot everyone has an aquarium in their home or business, but for those of us who do, a product like safety film is a huge asset. Aquariums are great for livening up your home or providing visual entertainment for guests to an office. Should one break, however, the damages wouldn't be anything to scoff at. Here are three ways safety film makes owning an aquarium safer!  

Avoiding Costly Water Damage

One of the biggest risks of having an aquarium break is the expensive water damage it causes to the room it’s in. The floor and potentially furniture as well are covered in water. And not just any water, but also the more unsavory things floating around in a tank full of fish. If the damage is extensive enough, it could involve completely replacing flooring and furnishings. Replacing the tank is enough of a money drain as it is. Having to replace the contents of the room just adds insult to injury. Safety film coating the glass of a tank not only reinforces the strength of the glass, it also gives you more time to deal with the situation before there's water all over the place. Spotting cracks in the glass while safety film is still holding it together gives you the extra time you need.  

Protecting the Lives of Expensive Fish

When imagining a breaking aquarium, your first thought would likely be the water wreaking havoc on the surrounding area. Don't forget about the creatures inside! Even if you don't get personally attached to the fish you're housing, fish are costly! The exotics that are often kept in big aquariums aren't cheap. Having the time to transfer them upon spotting breaks in the glass will save you a lot of money and hassle. Having to replace expensive, aquatic pets is the last thing you'll want to deal with in the event of a break.  

Keeping People Safe From Broken Glass

If water and exotics aren't enough to worry about, let's take into consideration your family or guests. Whether you keep your aquarium at home or in an office, there are likely to be people around fairly frequently. In the event of a break, safety film keeps glass together. Without safety film protecting your aquarium, there's a much higher risk of someone getting injured from broken glass. Not only will the glass end up on the floor, the pouring water from the tank will send it all over the room. Cleaning up will both a pain and a risk. With safety film, even if the glass is pushed out enough that water begins to drain from the tank, the glass will stay in place.



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