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Professional Installation of Safety Window Films Vs DIY

Posted in Safety Window Films, on October 21, 2016

There are a lot of things you could potentially do yourself but probably shouldn’t like tuning up the car, putting an addition on your home and installing safety and security films on your windows. The first two are rather obvious, (unless you’re an auto mechanic or a general contractor), but the third one is perhaps not so obvious. After all, isn’t it just a matter of cutting the right sized piece of film and sticking it on the window? Not really. In this post we’ll look at a few reasons why DIY installation of safety window films might not be such a great idea. Why Professional Installation of Safety Window Films is Important Some folks will want to handle the installation of their security films themselves but this may not be a wise decision since mistakes often occur when DIYers take this job into their own hands. Mistakes including but not limited to:

  • Cleaning the windows with chemical cleaners: A professional installer will know never to clean a window with rubbing alcohol or any other chemicals before applying safety window films. While chemical cleaners can produce a sparkling window they nonetheless leave behind residue that can make it difficult for the safety film to properly adhere to the window surface. The result: less than optimal security coverage.
  • Leaving too much or no space between the frame and the film: A common mistake of DIYers is to cut the film so that it covers every micron of the window surface. Either that or leaving a half inch gap or more between the film and the window frame. The gap is important because the film will expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall but too big a gap could negatively affect the film’s ability to do its job.
  • Installing the films on dirty windows: Installing safety and security films on windows that are anything less than spotless is asking for trouble. Or, more specifically, asking for your films to come peeling off or simply failing to hold their ground if they’re ever put to the test in a real intrusion attempt. The dirt trapped under them will also be there for all to see until the films are removed and the windows cleaned properly.
  • Leaving water and air bubbles: Once windows have been properly prepared water is applied and then the film. A squeegee is then used to ensure that all excess water and any resulting air bubbles are removed. Any air bubbles or water droplets that remain will create unsightly blister formations on the safety window films and again, you could be facing the prospect of your safety films peeling off.

Safety and security films will allow everyone in the home to sleep better and may even result in lower premiums on certain types of homeowners insurance. As such they should always be installed by trained professionals to ensure they’ll be as effective as possible should they ever be called upon.  Contact Window Armour today for more information about safety window films and the benefits they can provide your home.



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