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Why Privacy Film Is Valuable in the Suburbs

Posted in Blog, on February 19, 2019

Why Privacy Film Is Valuable in the SuburbsIf you live in the suburbs, you know it can be hard to have a sense of privacy. In suburban neighborhoods, your neighbor’s house might only be a few meters away. That can make having the blinds up or the curtains open a privacy risk. Let’s look at some of the reasons you should consider investing in privacy film.

A Sense of Privacy

Naturally, the first benefit of privacy film is, well, privacy. The film effectively turns your window into a one-way mirror. You can see outside just as clearly, but your neighbors won’t be able to see in. That means if you want to lounge around in your bathrobe until noon or work out with the morning sun pouring in, you can! No need to worry about someone watching you.

Better Security

Something many people overlook and that can lead to a break-in is letting people see in through their windows. Having valuables visible from the window can be just enticing enough to interest a burglar. This doesn’t have to mean open cases of jewelry or a jar of cash. If passersby can see your flat screen TV or your gaming systems, those things are at risk. Covering your windows with privacy film ensures your belongings aren’t on display for window shopping. Not only does making it impossible to see inside lower your risk of burglary, it also reinforces your window strength. Privacy film is also one of the varieties of security film we have. That means you get both privacy and security. If someone does decide to brave breaking in, they certainly won’t be able to get in through a window. Security film reinforces windows and makes them nearly impossible to break through in a timely manner. If a burglar can’t get inside within ten seconds, they almost always give up. This is even more true if they’ve made a loud noise in an attempt to break your window. When they see that it won’t give in, they’ll be quick to leave before they can get caught.

Insulates Windows

Privacy film doesn’t just block out prying eyes, it also blocks out 79% of heat looking to enter your home. The reflective surface of privacy film reflects the heat of the sun to keep it from turning your window into a magnifying glass. No one likes to feel like they’re being cooked alive in summer and, with privacy film, you won’t. The insulation privacy film arms your window with will also help lower your electricity bill. Not having to run your AC as much in the summer means a smaller price to pay. Privacy film practically pays for itself! If the insulation isn’t impressive enough, it also blocks out 99% of UV rays. That means healthier sunshine for you and your kids as well as less damage done to plants. Feel free to fill your window with as much green as you like and enjoy watching them grow, unhindered by harmful UV.



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