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How Privacy Affects Business Security

Posted in Blog, on July 21, 2019

How Privacy Affects Business SecurityThere are a lot of elements to security that may fly under your radar as a business owner. Fortunately, there are security specialists like Window Armour that can give a push in the right direction. One thing that’s often overlooked in security is the profound affect of privacy. Let’s take a quick look at why privacy is so important to business security.

The Mind of a Thief

When someone is looking to make money by stealing, small businesses are often at the top of the hit list. That’s because small businesses are less likely to have decent security and a strong legal defense. Small businesses are often placed in strips because they’re compact and cheaper to rent than individual buildings. These businesses are great for window shopping. A burglar can walk down the sidewalk without drawing attention and check in the windows of each store. This gives them a great opportunity to take inventory of what each store has available as well as blend in. By checking what each store has beforehand, they can make sure their burglary is in the most profitable location.

How Privacy Film Helps

One thing that will quickly throw a wrench into a burglar’s plans is covered windows. If a Thief can’t see in from outside, they would have to go inside and draw attention to themselves to see what’s available. Not to mention, having privacy film - which is also security film - tips them off to the owner being security-conscious. It’s safer for a burglar to keep their nose down and stay out of the shop. After all, there are other options available to them without getting the attention of a cashier or interior camera. There is also the bonus that privacy film keeps windows secure. Once the shop has closed up, it will be nearly impossible to break into. Security film protects glass, lending it extra strength and impact resistance meaning better business security.

Privacy Film Vs. Shades

You might be wondering why privacy film is any better than covering the windows with shades or blinds. The fact is, privacy film is better in a whole number of ways.

  • Security is assisted by security film because it strengthens glass and makes it harder to break. This helps you to avoid break-ins after hours. You can even apply it to glass doors.
  • Privacy film is a heat deterrent, reducing heat by 79%. This will help you save money on air conditioning and keep the shop a comfortable temperature.
  • Privacy film is completely transparent from the inside. While the outside reflects light, making it mirror-like, from the inside, the window will look completely normal. You’ll be able to see out and enjoy the view from your business just like you always do. Shades and blinds will make the shop dark and stuffy. Get privacy film instead!

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