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Outdoor Uses For Safety Film

Posted in Blog, on September 19, 2018

Outdoor-Uses-For-Safety-FilmWindow Film is great for keeping your home’s windows in one piece. What else can window film be used for? The windows of your house are only one place you find solid sheets of glass, so why stop there? Here are some great outdoor uses for safety film!  

Glass Dividers

If you’ve put a lot of time and money into the exterior of your house, you might have a nice setup for spending time outdoors. That could be a big patio for hosting barbecues, a big pool for your guests to cool off in, or an outdoor bar. Any of these things could be cause for a glass divider. Fogged glass can be a great way to maintain privacy when you have neighbors. It also works great at dividing different parts of the backyard or keeping the water of the pool away from those lounging nearby. Glass dividers are fantastic additions to an outdoor setup. Unfortunately, as all glass does, they come with the risk of breaking. Covering these dividers with window film would not only strengthen them, but lower the risk of someone getting hurt in the event of a break. Window film does an excellent job holding glass together even after a break. That means minimal cleanup and avoiding having glass scattered all over the patio where your guests walk or kids play.  

Outdoor Glass Tables

Another common feature of an outdoor patio or deck setup is the luxurious glass table. They’re sleek. They’re cool. They show a lot more class than plastic. What’s the downside? They’re breakable. Glass outdoor tables are fantastic when they’re in one piece, but a heavy pan slipping from someone’s hand might be all it takes to bring it to pieces. Anyone sitting at that table the moment it breaks – family, guests, kids – they’re all at risk of injury from the shattered glass. Adding a coating of window film to your glass table will lessen the likelihood of injury. It contains fragmented glass and adds to the tabletop's overall integrity.  

Greenhouse Windows

Maybe you aren’t as interested in hosting guests as you are planting your own greens. Self-sustaining lifestyles have become so popular these days that it’s not uncommon for people to have a personal greenhouse in their yard. A greenhouse of plants is a great way to save yourself some money on produce as well as get off-season veggies right from your own backyard. Coating your greenhouse windows with window film can benefit you in not just two, but three different ways! To start, it strengthens the glass, lowering the chance of your windows breaking. It contains glass in case of a break, which is especially helpful when shards getting into your plants would be a complete nightmare. Trying to clean up glass from your floors is one thing, but picking the pieces out of pots and planters would be tedious and dangerous. Last but not least, window film blocks out UV rays. Plants need lots of sun, but UV is actually just as bad for them as it is for us. They don’t need it to grow and it can damage them in the



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