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Home Security that Works While You're Away

Posted in Blog, on August 31, 2019

The problem with so many home security systems is that they’re only really effective when you’re home. Not only that, they only alert you to a problem once an intruder is already inside. Window Armour wants to inform you of a solution that works even while you’re gone. It even lowers the risk of burglars ever gaining entry to your home in the first place.

What Is Window Armour?

Window Armour offers a number of different window films for home and commercial uses alike. Window films are made for safety, security, and even privacy. The one we’re focusing on today is security film - a transparent coating for your windows. Window film is a clear sheet adhered to the inner surface of a window. It does a number of things to keep your home secure. For one, it strengthens glass, making it more resistant to impact of all kinds. This means would-be intruders, badly aimed baseballs, vandalism, and even violent storms are held at bay. The strengthening property of window film isn’t its only virtue though. Window film also holds together broken glass shards in the case that the glass actually does get broken. This makes accidents a lot less dangerous. Without glass falling all over the floor of your home, you and any children are kept safer. This property also makes replacing a broken window safer and easier.

Theft Prevention

While alarms are great for scaring away intruders and alerting you to their presence, why not stop the intrusion in the first place? Window film keeps intruders out entirely. An alarm is still a good addition to any home, but an effective security system aims for it to never be needed. That’s why window film is a must-have for any security system. After all, your home security is only as strong as your weakest window. The thing is, once an intruder gains entry, if you’re gone, an alarm may not be enough to prevent theft. Once the intruder is in the house, even if there’s an alarm going off, they can still steal. The nearest items of value, be it game consoles or jewelry, will be theirs for the taking. Security film aims to prevent entry at its root.

Saving Money

If your windows are unprotected and a burglar wants to take the risk of breaking in, your alarm won’t save your window. Even if the alarm does scare off the intruder before they take anything, there’s still the matter of your window being replaced. Even if your home insurance covers payment of a replacement, it’s a whole ordeal. You have to cover the window with plastic until it’s replaced or deal with a gaping hole in your wall. Don’t you agree that it would be better for the window to remain intact from start to finish? If you’d like to learn more of the benefits of window film or inquire about ordering, contact us! We look forward to helping you through the buying process in any way we can.



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