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Home Security 101

Posted in Blog, on March 16, 2017

Home Security 101It’s a sad fact, but everyone needs to be aware of the risks of break-ins and vandalism.  A little bit of added home security can help keep you, your family and your possessions safe. Most people by now know the fact that security cameras, security alarms and motion-sensor equipped lights can do wonders for lowering the odds that your home is chosen for a burglary.  There are other things you can do, however – other, lesser known strategies you can tackle to protect your home’s security.  Here are just a few.

Window Safety Film

Window safety film is the ultimate in home security.  They’re designed to protect your home against impacts as sizeable as an explosion, so even the most determined burglar is going to get turned away.  Most burglars are looking for easy targets – places they can get in, get the valuables, and get out quickly.  Safety film makes that a very dicey proposition, and most burglars will go elsewhere.

Window Safety Glass

You can also shore up your windows by replacing them with full-fledged safety glass.  Safety glass has a layer of vinyl compressed between two layers of regular window glass.  It’s nearly impossible for someone to break through without specialized tools and a lot of effort.  Combine it with our safety film, and burglars simply won’t be able to make a dent.  The amount of effort and time needed to break in would draw attention from neighbors, making it a terrible option for potential intruders.

Timed Security Lights

While more and more burglaries are taking place during the daytime, the stereotypical image of a burglar creeping into an empty house in the middle of the night exists for a reason!  Burglars case your home before they come, looking for signs that you’re out – piled up mail, stationary yard equipment and, yes, a lack of lights.  Leaving your lights on all the time when you’re on vacation is a recipe for a huge electric bill, however, so a good alternative is to connect your lights to a timer.  You can have them go off and on on a regular schedule, making it appear that someone is there.  This is especially useful if you work at night or are planning to go out of town for an extended period of time.



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