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What Gives Window Film Its Strength

Posted in Blog, on April 29, 2018

What Gives Window Film Its Strength

It may seem confusing about what window film can really add to a home or building. But, in reality, window film can be an easy and clever way to save on energy costs and improve the safety and security of a property. Windows are still fragile just by the very nature of glass as a medium. But that doesn’t mean that windows need to be vulnerable. Window film adds an extra layer of strength that can absorb impact and keep the people and things you care about safe. But first, it’s important to understand what window film is made of in order to see its protective properties.

Window film is made of a specific synthetic polyester called Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET for short. This durable man-made material was custom-built to be scratch and damage-resistant. The film can be applied to any interior part of a window and will bond to the window surface with a tight seal. This means that it will not peel or bubble once it is applied to the glass. You will still have a picture perfect view of the outside, just with the added high-performance protection of window film.

Window film is extremely customizable and can fit any type of window, from large bay windows to small basement windows. You can also have them adjusted to the needs of a particular home or business. The tint and color can be customized, as well as the number of layers that determines its protective power. The more layers of PET applied, the harder it is to shatter the window.

When someone makes an impact with a window that has window film, the glass may fracture but it helps prevent dangerous fragmentation and shattering. This means that you won’t have to worry about thousands of shards of glass flying into your home. When glass fragments in this way, it can lead to hours of worrisome clean-up and exposure. Window film is custom-built to guard against this. The layers of the polyester keep the glass bonded and from flying inward. No matter if it is a rogue baseball or even a burglar, window film helps give strength to the integrity of the glass.

As mentioned, window film can be used as a great deterrence to intruders. While it is impossible to stop an intruder from entering a building entirely, it is possible to make it a lot harder and therefore less desirable. Glass with window film installed on it will hold together the shards of glass, so as not to create a portal for entry for a burglar. This can slow up an intruder who wishes to get in fast and can make them change their minds about which house to target. This means that your window film is a great advantage when it comes to keeping the property safe.

Window film is the type of investment that can create long-standing benefits for a house or building. It is simple and quick to install and can provide you with extra safety, strength, and security that lets your mind at ease while at work or home.



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