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Get a Glass Door Security Boost with Window Armour

Posted in Blog, on September 30, 2019

How A Small Business Can Profit From Window FilmRunning a business comes with all kinds of stressors that people take for granted. One of the stressors is the possibility of a break-in. Theft can single-handedly bring a business to its knees. After all, how can it continue to run if all of its profit is being robbed by, well, robbers? The best way to take the stress of break-ins down to its minimum is to get proper security. Knowing your business is protected sufficiently is the best way to help you sleep through the night. The question is, will security cameras deter a masked intruder from breaking through your glass door? What about those business owners who can’t afford cameras? That’s where Window Armour comes in.

Glass Doors

You may have noticed the focus we put on glass doors in that last paragraph. There’s a statistical reason for that. Did you know that a large percentage of break-ins occur due to glass doors or paneling beside a solid door? Why climb through a broken window and risk hurting yourself when you can just break some glass and reach in for the lock? Glass doors are the number one target for business break-ins. They’re a business’s weakest link. So, how do you stop someone from smashing through a weak, glass door? You strengthen the glass!

Window Film

Window film was originally made for windows. It’s a coating made to adhere to the inside of a window. This film does a number of things.

  • It strengthens the glass, making it more impervious to forced break-ins.
  • It holds glass together. That means that, should the glass get broken, it will not make an entry for intruders. That also means that in the case of an accidental break, glass won’t end up all over the floor or, worse, shattering directly toward someone. It will all remain seated exactly where it was, just in more pieces than it should be.
  • It keeps intruders out! Because penetrating window film is so difficult, an intruder won’t be able to get through. That means you and your business are safe from would-be intruders.
  • It deters attempts altogether. What’s better than the window film keeping a broken window from yielding? Window film keeping the window from ever getting broken, of course. If a burglar is unable to gain entry within ten seconds, they will almost always give up. That’s because they know that once their initial attempt is started, the police could be on their way. Seeing a Window Armour logo in the corner of a window is sure to make your business lose its target. It’s just not worth the risk.

Door Armour

Over the years, it’s become clear that doors needed the same treatment as regular windows. That’s why Window Armour made Door Armour. Keep your weakest link nice and strong by coating glass doors with window film. You’ll no longer have to worry about returning to work the next day to find the door shattered and your business robbed. Contact us at Window Armour if you have any questions and we’ll be more than happy to help.



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