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Frequently Asked Questions about Shatterproof Window Film

Posted in Blog, on January 26, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions about Shatterproof Window FilmHere at Window Armour, we get many questions about our shatterproof window film.  We’re more than happy to answer any questions and concerns, and to talk to you about the benefits of installing window film at your home or business! There are some questions that come up more than others, and we thought we’d try to answer some here for you.

What is shatterproof window film?

Shatterproof window film is a thin, polyester film that enhances the security of your regular window glass. It increase the strength of your windows, prevents glass from shattering and creating a safety hazard, and can be coupled with window tinting and solar guard effects to provide multiple benefits.

Would my windows come with window film pre-installed?

Generally speaking, no; shatterproof window film is an add-on process, done by professional fitters on-site after the window or glass door has been installed.  It’s not something that’s applied at the factory.

Can I install window film myself?

Improperly installed shatterproof window film won’t provide nearly the same level of protection.  Installing the film is a delicate process, with special care needed to avoid imperfections such as air pockets and bubbles.  Only a professional installer, like the experts at Window Armour, can guarantee you’re actually getting the protection your window film is designed for.

Can my window still be broken into?

Nothing will make glass completely impenetrable, but shatterproof window film will cause your windows to hold out much longer against much higher levels of force.  Most thefts and vandalism are designed for smash-and-grabs; quick in-and-out robberies of convenience.  Shatterproof window film, on the other hand, can take minutes to smash through – that gives you time to react, and means that most thieves will leave, heading for easier targets.

What other applications does window film have?

Other commonly selected window film options include solar proofing and light detection, helping reduce your energy costs, keep out the heat and cold and protect yourself from UV radiation.  It’s primary function, however, will always be hardening and securing your windows.



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