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Commercial Benefits To Window Film

Posted in Blog, on September 19, 2018

Commercial-Benefits-To-Window-FilmWindow film is a great addition to any home as it raises safety in a number of ways. When you’ve already got your home protected, the next thing on your mind might be your business. What can window film do in a commercial setting? Window film’s numerous benefits have a lot to offer commercially. Here are the ways it can help your business!  

Lowers Risk Of Commercial Property Damage

Because window film adds a layer of strength to your windows, the windows to your business are less likely to give in if someone tries to break them. This saves you money by not having to replace the big, commercial windows you’ve had installed. If enough force is used to actually crack the glass, window film will hold the window together so that the building can’t be entered. This means avoiding interior damage and theft. On top of this, depending on who insures your business property, window film may lower your insurance rates because of the added safety. Insurance companies recognize how valuable this kind of product is at deterring criminals and it pays off. Lower likelihood of crime in your place of business is cheaper for everyone!  

More Inviting Than Security Bars

Window film is a great replacement for security bars. It helps maintain the security of your windows and prevent break-ins while also making your business look more inviting and approachable. Security bars can give people the impression that your business is in a high-crime area and they tend to look shady. Using window film instead helps open up the storefront and give it the inviting and appealing look you've been looking for.  

Less Likely For Clients To Get Hurt

No matter what kind of business you have, there are likely plenty of ways window film can help keep your customers or clients safer. Glass windows and doors both inside and outside pose a risk for those visiting your business. Windows can not only break in the case of a deliberate attack, but also during natural disasters or freak accidents. Keeping your clients safe from harm while they’re visiting or staying at your establishment is a great way, at the least, to keep your reputation intact. If worse comes to worst, it can save you from a lawsuit.  

Deters And Stops Break-Ins

What’s better than stopping a break-in in its tracks? Keeping someone from attempting it at all! Window film displays its brand for would-be intruders to see. Knowing they risk slowing themselves down, possibly not getting inside at all, and raising their risk of getting caught, intruders are much more likely to choose somewhere else to try their luck. Combining the power of window film with an alarm system is even better. Any burglars trying to get in after hours will not only be unable to successfully break in. They’ll also trigger the alarm on the window. They’re practically calling the police on themselves! The better your defense system, the more your business broadcasts the futility of trying to break in.



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