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The Comfort of Using Window Film On Large Windows

Posted in Blog, on November 16, 2018

The Comfort of Using Window Film On Large WindowsHaving a home with a lot of large windows, to many people, is the height of luxury. Having lots of sun shining into your home and seeing the view you live by unobstructed is wonderful. What is the drawback of having that many windows? There are a few. Let’s explore the ways we can turn those negatives into positives with window film.  


The first big drawback of having large windows all over your house is privacy. Even if you live in a secluded area, it can be unsettling to know anyone can look in your windows at any time. This is especially prevalent if you don’t live in a particularly secluded area. During the day it’s not so bad, but as soon as the sun goes down, any amount of light will have your room on display for the whole neighborhood to see. Drapes can help with this, but they’re one more thing to hassle with and shutting them will make the room feel small again. How can window film help with privacy? Window Armour offers a film that acts as a one-way mirror, making it easy to see out from the inside, but leave the outside with only a reflection. You can enjoy a relaxing evening without worrying about being seen.  

Sun Protection

The next downside to having a lot of windows is that it allows a lot of sun into the house. This is fantastic for light, but it’s not so fantastic for your electricity bill and your health. The UV rays coming in through the window won’t be friendly to your skin. The heat can leave you running the AC all day to combat the sun’s rays. This is even worse during the summer. Large windows will have you feeling like an ant under a magnifying glass. Luckily, if you install window film, you can bring down UV rays by 99% and block out 79% of the unwanted heat! With window film, even in summer it will feel like you’re safe from the sun. You can enjoy the sunrise and the beautiful summer scenery from the comfort of your living room.  


Having a lot of windows in your house is great visually. The thing about windows, though, is they leave an obvious hole in security. The more windows you have, the more locations a burglar can choose from to break in. Employing window film around the house will add extra strength to your glass and make it nearly impossible to break through! If a burglar isn’t able to break in within ten seconds, they almost always will give up and go somewhere else. The privacy factor will also deter criminals. Being able to see into someone’s house is a great way to assess if anyone’s home and if there’s anything worth stealing inside. Privacy film will make breaking in a lot more difficult when you could be sitting right in the front room and a burglar wouldn’t know it.



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