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Why Choose Security Film for Glass Doors in Your Home?

Posted in Blog, on June 09, 2014

Glass doors are often installed in the rear of a home to add aesthetic appeal as well as flooding the room with natural light. A welcoming touch to many households, glass doors unfortunately pose a safety and security problem. Glass, in itself, both in the form of windows and doors, becomes the weakest security point for those looking to breach a property, and its inherent physical properties pose as a safety hazard if smashed. These problems are even more prominent with glass doors as opposed to windows. However, installing security film for glass doors can help to resolve the issues associated with them in terms of safety and security. By fitting polyester fiber films on to the existing windows, you create a stronger boundary that helps to prevent the hazards of smashed glass and intrusion.

Reducing Crime with Security Film for Glass Doors

Unfortunately, as beautiful and welcoming as they are, glass doors are a magnet for burglars. Firstly, they allow a burglar to see the possessions you own in your home, which induces a higher risk of opportunist burglars choosing your home over the surrounding properties. Equally, the glass itself is an easy material to break through if a burglar feels your property is worth entering. The best way to reduce this possibility is by installing security film for glass doors. On the one hand, there are options of tinted or frosted glass that allow you to obscure some of the view. Not only does this make it harder for an intruder to see inside, but it also reduces the chances they will pick your house, as they can directly see your concern for security; it works as a deterrent. On the other hand, the film itself is a security measure. If a burglar attempts to break the glass, the film will provide a certain level of tension that reduces the chance of the glass breaking. If it does break, the film, made from layered polyester fibers, adheres to the glass, preventing it from shattering, as well as providing a strong barrier that’s difficult to break through. Due to this, it makes it far less likely that your house will be burgled.

Protecting Against Accidents and Severe Weather

Although such severe weather as tornadoes or hurricanes is not commonplace in Toronto, other forms of severe weather are, such as ice storms. Although these storms may not directly break your glass doors, flying debris and falling trees are just two of the common occurrences in these conditions that could potentially break your glass doors. Equally, one hard football thrown directly at a glass door can be just as damaging. Glass doors are fragile and security film for glass doors is designed to ease some of the anxieties of the glass smashing in an accident.

Reducing Hazards of the Sun

Security film for glass doors comes in several options; clear, frosted, or tinted. The tinted and frosted options can be very beneficial in a home with glass doors. Despite the pleasure of a lot of sunlight, it can significantly heat up a room. During the summer time in Toronto, this can use a lot of energy as you’ll be combating this with your air conditioning. By placing a barrier to filter some of the sunlight, security films will cool down the room and lower the amount of energy you consume. Equally, strong UV rays streaming through the windows of a house can be damaging to the skin, especially the skin of children. Directly linked with skin cancer, UV rays need to be protected against. By installing frosted or tinted security film for glass doors, you can filter out some of these UV rays. This reduces the risk of cancer in your own home and also helps to protect your children’s skin. It’s like having sun block on, only more convenient! Security film for glass doors has many advantages in the home that can’t be ignored. Unfortunately, the weakness of glass compromises the safety of your family and the security of your home. With such a simple solution to help remedy that risk, it is sensible to consider the advantages that this simple retrofit solution can bring. Not only that, it will also help to keep pesky energy costs down in the summer!

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