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Benefits of Window Protection Film

Posted in Blog, on January 26, 2017

Benefits of Window Protection FilmProtection window film offers a wide range of benefits for your home or business.  It’s a fantastic way to deal with intentional events or damage without the hassle and aesthetic drawbacks of unsightly iron bars. Window protection film can help deter street crime.  The film will actually hold the glass in place, even if a criminal attempts to break it with a heavy object.  Most theft of this nature is designed to be a quick snatch-and-grab; if thieves can’t quickly gain access, they’ll likely leave your shop alone. 

Breaking and entering is made difficult because window protection film resists breaking and tearing.  Most thieves will choose to move on rather than be slowed down by your window film. Window protection film is also a great defense against graffiti.  Since the film itself can be applied on the outside of your windows, any damage caused by vandalism is done to the film and not the windows. 

It can simply be peeled off and replaced at a fraction of the time and cost replacing a window would take. In the case of civil unrest, window protection film can protect your storefront.  Heightened security can’t prevent your building from becoming a target, but it can minimize the resulting loss and damage.  Installing window protection film states that you’re doing your part in protecting your property, your inventory – and the people inside, for that matter. Even the unlikely case of a bomb blast can be somewhat negated by window protection film. 

All of our window film has been subject to a variety of blast testing, and will stand up to most plausible scenarios.  Often, the shattering glass can be more of a threat than the explosion itself, and window protection film not only prevents your windows from turning into dangerous glass shards, but also reduces the amount of blast pressure that can enter your building. Window protection film has a wide variety of uses.  Contact Window Armour today for a quote and consultation!



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