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5 Ways to Make Your Windows Burglar Proof

Posted in Blog, on February 24, 2018

5 Ways to Make Your Windows Burglar Proof

Burglary has been increasing in most parts of the world. Most burglars exploit the weak points of the house to get an entry. In most cases, these points are either the glass on the windows or doors. Burglars smash the glass and reach into the house and turn the knob. Here are five ways you can use to make your windows burglar proof and ensure the security of your home.

1 Install an alarm to detect when glass breaks

Window alarms can sense when a window pane is broken or opened. The alarm alerts the family and makes the burglar run. Not many burglars will continue trying to invade a home after the alarm sounds.

2 Window locks and double-sided deadbolts

Installing deadbolts and window locks are a simple way of making your home burglar deterrent. Deadbolts on the doors ensure the safety as one is required to have a key on both sides of the door to unlock it. A burglar would be unable to open the door after breaking the glass.

3 Strengthening the glass using window film

Installing window films on your glass panes is another way to make it harder for a burglar to gain entry into your house. Unlike regular glass panes which break into numerous shards of glass when smashed with an object, window film strengthens the glass and keeps the glass in place making it harder to gain access.

4 Upgrade the grass with laminated glass

Laminated glass works almost the same way as window film. It breaks the same way as the windscreen of a car hence holding the glass in place. The burglars then have to use more effort to gain entry as compared to regular glass.

5 Using bars or shutters

Bars and shutters are an excellent way to put a physical barrier against burglars. Connect them to the alarm system such that once a burglar tries to gain entry the alarm goes off. Bars and shutters are usually the last resort for most people as they make a house lose its aesthetic appeal. Make the windows in your home burglar proof by implementing these five strategies. Feeling safe in your home should always be a priority.



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