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5 Reasons to Buy Security Window Films

Posted in Blog, on June 08, 2014

Security window films are designed to improve the security of regular glass windows, both in residential homes and in working environments. One of the main issues with glass windows is their tendency to break relatively easily, making them the weak security points of any building. By increasing the strength of the window, they act as a stronger force against intruders or dangerous external factors.

But What Are Security Window Films?

Safety window films are adhesive sheets that can be added to the window after it has been installed. Different to laminated glass, these films are a retrofit solution which can adhere to both glass and glazing to protect the window. The general premise is that if the window breaks, the film keeps all of the shards of glass together and makes it extremely difficult to push through the window.

Why Should You Buy Them?

  • To Prevent Burglars - This works on two levels. On the one hand, a burglar trying to break in and enter your property is likely to smash a window if there is no other obvious means of entrance. By applying security window films, you can delay or prevent this process altogether. The window itself may still crack or smash, but it won’t fall apart, which will inhibit an intruder from entering your property. Secondly, burglary statistics show that opportunist burglars tend to pick on houses with the least amount of security. By applying this simple protection method, it can act as a deterrent, as an intruder can see the difficulty of entry and the likelihood of being caught.
  • To Reduce Injuries - If you’re in an area prone to natural disasters, security window films are a great investment. It’s no secret that in a hurricane or a tornado, most injuries and deaths are caused by flying debris rather than the weather itself. This is equally true of earthquakes. The force of natural disasters tends to shatter glass and this flying glass is a potentially fatal hazard. By installing films on your windows, this prevents the glass from being able to fly away if broken; therefore significantly reducing the risk of injury or a fatality.
  • To Increase Workplace Safety - In the midst of such events as 9/11 in the US and the 7/7 bombings in the UK, acts of terrorism need to be considered in risk assessment plans for workplace design. This is especially true if your industry is positioned within a potentially dangerous sector, such as certain NGOs, government organizations, and certain private contractors. In the event of a bomb, the blast radius will blow out the windows due to sheer force and pressure. As with natural disasters, flying glass becomes a prospective killer. Security window films will prevent the glass from coming away from the window itself.
  • Energy Savings - Safety window films can actually have extra plus points beyond the obvious issue of smashing glass. As there are tinted options, security films can be effective in terms of energy savings and can help to keep your home cool on the hot summer afternoons in Toronto. By providing a shield against the sunlight, the films are able to reduce the number of heat rays passing through the window. This insulates the room and keeps it cool, reducing the need for constant air conditioning.
  • UV Reduction - The tint of these films also plays another role. They block out excessive UV rays. Harmful to the skin, UV rays are known to cause cancer. For those placed near windows at home or in the office, this means increased exposure during the summer time in Toronto, which can have damaging health effects. By installing security window films, you can significantly reduce this risk.

Security window films are an excellent investment for anyone looking to increase the safety of their home or workplace. Not only do they help to save money on energy bills, they also protect you from shattering glass in accidents or emergencies, and reduce the damaging effects of the sun. For the security conscious looking to protect their residential homes, these security films are the ideal way to deter and reduce burglary in one simple step. Suitable for windows that are purely glass, and those that are glazed, this retrofit solution is a great way to save money, and potentially lives, in the long term.

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