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3 Ways Window Film Will Help Your Business

Posted in Blog, on August 24, 2017

3 Ways Window Film Will Help Your BusinessA good window is key to any storefront.  Windows are fantastic for offices, letting in natural light and improving the morale of your employees.  Windows can make your business look more inviting and welcoming. Windows, however, are also problematic.  They're targets for burglars.  They're sources of energy loss.  Securing them with bars or grates is incredibly aesthetically displeasing.  That's where window film comes in.  Window Armour's window film is a fantastic addition to your business; a way to improve the security and safety of your property.  Here are just a few of its many benefits:

Defense Against Burglars

Most burglars are looking for quick smash-and-grab opportunities; easy targets they can attack and loot quickly, before help can arrive.  That usually means the windows; that's the easiest entry point to most businesses.  When you apply security window film, however, your windows become exponentially harder to break.  At its strongest level, even bomb blasts would have a hard time getting through; a burglar with a pipe is going to find themselves stymied.  They'll likely go off in search of easier targets, keeping your business secure.

Protection from Shattered Glass

If an untreated window breaks – either from an attempted entry or from severe weather or simply an accident – you have a couple major problems.  In a severe storm, the window that was once keeping the effects of the weather out now is letting everything in, potentially damaging your business and merchandise.  Shattered glass is also a hazard for anyone in your business at the time.  Security window film, however, will prevent your glass from outright shattering, even if it is broken.

Protection from the Sun

When you pick a UV-resistant window film, like SolarGard, you're not just protecting yourself from abrupt damages; you're blocking out 99% of harmful UV radiation.  UV radiation can be harmful to your space, but window film can give you a high level of protection without installing bulky window treatments.  It has the added side effect of keeping your business cooler and preventing as much energy from escaping, making it more monetarily efficient, as well.



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