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3 Ways Window Film Can Benefit Parents

Posted in Blog, on September 05, 2018

3 Ways Window Film Can Benefit ParentsBeing a parent comes with a lot of concerns. From worrying that your kids are behaving to worrying they're safe no matter what they do, any reassurance that things won't go wrong is welcomed. That's why window film is such a valuable asset to those building a family! There are a myriad of ways things made of glass can cause problems in a home with active kids. Windows are no exception. Take a look below to see how window film can benefit parents.

Protection From Break-Ins

The majority of break-ins happen during daytime work hours when the adults of the house are out making a paycheck. The burglar assumes no one's home now and they're free to enter and take without getting caught. What happens, though, when you've left a teen by themselves during the day? While the risks are generally low, it's never too much to err on the side of caution. The less likely your kids are to have a run in with a strange intruder, the less likely they are to get hurt. Installing window film on your windows makes breaking in harder and is likely to deter thieves before they even try.

When burglars aren't coming during the day, they're next most likely to show up in the night. A lot of parents worry about their children's safety when they're snug in their beds. If you're one of those parents, the extra layer of security added by installing window film might be just what you need to sleep easy.

Prevents Accidents

Children roughhousing is no new thing. It practically comes with the territory. This is especially true if you have a rowdy group of boys trying to chase each other from room to room with little regard for where they're going. In the event that one of them hits a low window, window film can protect the window from breaking and keep them from ending up on the other side.

Raises Window Integrity

When you aren't looking at how window film can keep your kids safe, you can consider how it protects your windows from the kids themselves. We've all heard the stories of a baseball taking a shortcut into the kitchen. Kids are notorious for causing accidents. Window film adds a layer of strength to your windows so that a stray ball here or there has less chance of causing a break. Window film more than pays for itself when you don't have to replace your windows.

Contains Broken Glass

In the case that a window does get broken, window film will save you the hassle of having to agonize over cleanup. Who wants to worry for the weeks following that they've missed a shard? Glass in the foot or in the possession of your toddler is enough reason alone to want window film. When a window is protected with window film, breaks aren't nearly as messy. The broken glass stays safely contained within the film. It can then be removed and replaced much easier with the bonus of not exposing your home to the elements.



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