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3 Tips to Help You Choose a Window Film Company

Posted in Blog, on December 21, 2017

Window Armour - About UsIf you've made the decision to install window film, you've made the first key steps on the way to a safer and more secure home.  The next step, to make sure the job is done properly, is to select a high-quality company to manage the installation.  It can be difficult to figure out which company to trust; this isn't a service most of us have had a ton of experience with.  That's where we come in – here are some key tips to make sure you're choosing the right window film company for your home.

Pick Specialists

There are jack-of-all-trade companies who list window film – or even window tinting – as one of many services they offer.  It sounds great – the same company can come install your window film, trim your trees, fix your shower and patch your roof!  However, this wide range of focuses means that there's no chance that they are as informed, experienced or skilled in window film installation as full-time professionals.  Would you want to trust your home's security to anyone but the best?  To ensure you are working with a company that has extensive knowledge of and experience with the industry’s best materials and options, pick a company that's fully focused on window film.

Free Consultation

Everyone's situation is just a little bit different – your windows may be different shapes and sizes, different windows face the street, the sun hits them at different angles at different times of day.  The lighting in your room can be a factor as well, making different styles or grades of window film superior for particular homes.  To get a truly accurate estimate of how much window film will cost, taking into account the number, location and use of windows in your home, you really do need an on-site consultation.

Experience and Track Record

You want to select a company that's been in business for decades.  A brand new company can't offer you the same expertise, skills, knowledge and confidence that a company with over a decade of experience, that Window Armour can.  Trust your home's safety and security to the someone who has been protecting homes just like yours for over 15 years.



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