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3 Strategies for Improving Window Security

Posted in Blog, on July 05, 2017

3 Strategies for Improving Window SecurityOne of the most vulnerable areas of your home is your windows.   They are gaping targets for thieves, home intruders and vandals.  Large, open areas, easy to break and easy to open – they can render even the most secure door lock meaningless.  Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to increase your home's window security, giving you better peace of mind:

Install Safety Window Film

Safety window film is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to quickly boost your home's security.  When properly installed by a professional technician, window film will ensure that your windows are completely shatterproof.  That means even the most determined burglar won't be able to smash through them with brute force alone.

Install Alarms and Sensors

Alarms and sensors can detect when windows are opened or shut, as well as when they are broken.  Modern alarms can be set to either alert you immediately, or be connected to a larger, monitored home security system, alerting a security company and allowing them to contact the proper authorities.  While not as effective as window film at actively stopping potential home intruders, it allows for quicker response times in case something should happen.

Video Cameras

It's true that video cameras will not stop determined people from breaking into your home – while they can serve as a deterrent, window film and alarms are much better at proactive defense.  What video cameras can do, however, is capture the images of people who do attempt to break in, to allow them to be more easily identified at a later date.  If someone spends a few minutes trying to get through your shatterproof window film, or sets off your alarm before quickly running away, you'll at least have their image to help the authorities make an arrest.  With infrared and wi-fi technologies, they can capture live, 24/7 streaming coverage, day or night.



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